You have landed on the AV-courses, where we are doing free online AV courses, our plan is to offer courses for those who are starting working with AV, or those who has plenty of experience in AV.

We are building the courses so you can take them in your pace, and in the order that fits you and your time.

You can also use to find specific information, for example, how to calculate projector brightness, how many loudspeakers are needed for a space and many other topics.

 And why do we offer this for free ? 

We see that there are many expensive courses out there, which might limit some people from getting a good knowledge in AV, so our idea is to bring this knowledge for free, so we can higher the standard within AV, and also help those who wants to prepare for one of the industry standards certification, like CTS, CTS-D or CTS-I from Avixa